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Rumney Ranch News
Rumney Ranch News
Rumney Ranch News
Rumney Ranch News


“We rope right and left to get the job done, cause we are in this together... making American beef”


Ranch Dogs

Here is some information on the breeds we have to help manage our herds and why they are so special....

Published on 2/17/2021 (1 years 345 days ago) Ranch Dogs



Benefits of Charolais Bulls in Commercial Herds

There are a number of advantages when using Charolais bulls in commercial herds. Many ranchers utilize Charolais as a ter-minal cross to produce superior calves. Doug Rogers, Rogers Bar HR Charo-lais in Collins, Mississippi, has been in business since 1959 and sells about 250 Charolais bulls each year, almost all of them to commercial cattlemen. “The reason commercial producers should use a Charolais bull is that they always get heavier wean-ing weights. Today, with lower prices per pound, you need more pounds to make the same amount of money,” he explains....

Published on 2/16/2021 (1 years 346 days ago) Ranch News


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Retail beef prices continue higher than 2020

One common question from back in 2020 was how quickly retail beef prices would return to pre-pandemic levels. Retail beef prices have declined, but remain above year ago levels. USDA’s All Fresh beef price series peaked at $7.38 per pound in June, 2020. The December monthly average price (released on January 14th) was $6.23 per pound. Retail beef prices declined fairly quickly after the June peak and were averaged $6.38 in August. This data, reported by USDA, is gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and reflects a monthly price from grocery stores across all beef quality grades and a range of beef cuts....

Published on 2/16/2021 (1 years 346 days ago)


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