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Rumney Ranch News
Rumney Ranch News
Rumney Ranch News
Rumney Ranch News


“We rope right and left to get the job done, cause we are in this together... making American beef”


Montana Ranchers Build Processing Facility for Donated and Direct-Market Meat

FB.org | What began as one rancher’s effort to help meet his local food bank’s 300% increase in demand last spring has progressed to the development of the first federally inspected non-profit purchased and run meat processing facility in the country....

Published on 7/13/2021 (3 years 10 days ago) Ranch News



NCBA Thanks Reps. Johnson and Spanberger On Critical Processing Capacity Bill

ncba.org | This week, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) secured the introduction of the Butcher Block Act in the U.S. House, a bipartisan bill that would provide critical funding to expand capacity for small, regional, and independent processing facilities. The bill is the latest in a long line of efforts by NCBA to create more opportunities for cattle producers to get their cattle processed and capture more of the beef dollar. ...

Published on 7/2/2021 (3 years 21 days ago) Ranch News


Kansas Rancher and NCBA Member Testifies Before Senate Agriculture Committee on Cattle Market Concerns

ncba.org | Today, Mr. Mark Gardiner, the owner-operator of Gardiner Angus Ranch and an NCBA member, testified before the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee on key market challenges that have long threatened the profitability of cattle and beef producers. He was joined by leading industry economists who NCBA has worked closely with to explore solutions to the current unsustainable market dynamics....

Published on 7/2/2021 (3 years 21 days ago) Ranch News


Plant-Based Meat Substitutes Drive Headlines, Beef Drives retail Sales

beefitswhatsfordinner.com | Meat and poultry consumption is expected to hit record highs this year.1 However, the news about animal proteins’ popularity has been overshadowed by recent headlines generated by plant-based meat substitutes, with national foodservice distribution deals and IPOs garnering attention in both trade and mainstream media. It is important to look beyond the headlines to put these next-generation meat substitutes, and the claims made by the companies producing these products, in context with sales numbers and consumer perceptions, as well as environmental and nutritional facts. While some of the companies behind plant-based meat substitutes aim to replace animal proteins, in 2018 beef was the most valuable protein at retail....

Published on 7/2/2021 (3 years 21 days ago) Ranch News


Are the big meatpackers corrupt? Growing consensus in Congress

Great Falls Tribune | A different decade, a new administration, a shuffle in Congressional leadership. Much has changed across the U.S. political landscape in the last several years, yet one concerning issue has lingered for nearly half a century ... corporate concentration within the meatpacking industry....

Published on 6/28/2021 (3 years 25 days ago) Ranch News



Grass, greenhouse gas and grazing

In North America, prairie grass used to be everywhere. It covered hundreds of millions of acres in the United States and Canada, serving as grazing land for the vast herds of bison that roamed the continent just a few hundred years ago....

Published on 5/7/2021 (3 years 77 days ago)


Can Responsible Grazing Make Beef Climate-Neutral?

New research found that the greenhouse gases sequestered in one grass-fed system balanced out those emitted by the cows, but some meatless advocates are skeptical....

Published on 5/7/2021 (3 years 77 days ago) Ranch News



Digging Deep Reveals the Intricate World of Roots

If you've ever driven past wild prairie grasses swaying in the Kansas breeze and felt a wave of appreciation for America's heartland, you should know that those visible grasses are just the tip of the iceberg....

Published on 5/7/2021 (3 years 77 days ago) Ranch News


cattle on range.jpg

Beef is, and always will be sustainable

There is an ongoing conversation in consumer spaces about beef’s contribution to climate change. In many circles, beef is being painted as a villain that can be minimized and/or eliminated to help solve global climate issues. On the ground, as cattle producers, we know this isn’t accurate. In fact, we know it’s an outrageous lie that’s being used to sell consumers a fake meat product they don’t want or need and one that won’t do anything to solve climate problems. The reality is that we know cattle can be a part of the solution. We know that pasture and rangeland, through proper management, can actually reduce the amount of carbon and more than offset the short-lived methane emissions of our cattle....

Published on 2/26/2021 (3 years 147 days ago) Ranch News


4-H Images

Images from Milk River 4-H...

Published on 2/17/2021 (3 years 156 days ago)


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