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RLazyT Rumney Ranch Cattle Brands
RLazyT Rumney Ranch Cattle Brands

Welcome to the Rumney Ranch

Quality Northern cattle raised on the Eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park



Winner MSU Feed Efficency Award 2020

Beef Production

We produce high quality beef sustainably in north central Montana. Our beef originates in some of the most beautiful country in the American West. Winners of the MSU Feed Efficiency Award 2020 and stewards of carefully chosen and celebrated beef genetics. Our cattle are built from a strong foundation and raised on the open range.

Ranch News

A little bit of information in this country goes a long way...


Montana Ranchers Build Processing Facility for Donated and Direct-Market Meat

FB.org | What began as one rancher’s effort to help meet his local food bank’s 300% increase in demand last spring has progressed to the development of the first federally...


NCBA Thanks Reps. Johnson and Spanberger On Critical Processing Capacity Bill

ncba.org | This week, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) secured the introduction of the Butcher Block Act in the U.S. House, a bipartisan bill that would...

Kansas Rancher and NCBA Member Testifies Before Senate Agriculture Committee on Cattle Market Concerns

ncba.org | Today, Mr. Mark Gardiner, the owner-operator of Gardiner Angus Ranch and an NCBA member, testified before the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee on key market...

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