The Cattle Drives

We are a Montana ranching family raising beef cattle on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park. We currently run about 1650 cow/calf pairs as well as yearlings. We have realized that part of living this American dream is sharing it with others. Trailing the cows in the spring and fall is, like many other seasonal tasks in ranching, positively unique to this lifestyle. It is a "bucket list" type of experience that lives on forever in the hearts of anyone who does it.



Cow Calf pair

The string of horses that work here all year long give us an opportunity to showcase the country perfectly. We strive to keep a large string of horses worked on cattle year round, maintaining a classic approach to ranching, and preserving western heritage for our children. Our horses are quarter/thoroughbred crosses with built in cattle sense. They are sound horses that we are proud to make available for independent guided riding during the Cattle Drive.


We will keep all guests in the saddle during a 6 day stay in Montana. That is, after a day of matching you with the right horse based on your ability and comfort, we will start trailing the herd to greener pastures. Each day, we will ride as far as we can with as many pairs as we can—to some of the most beautiful country in Montana. We have 10 spots available on each drive. We hope to offer two weeklong drives each spring and fall.


In the shadow of Glacier National Park, we are an authentic working cattle ranch. We are in the business of raising beef as a means to survive in some of the roughest country in the west.


That being said, we offer inclusive lodging in a 4 room bunkhouse that has been the long time camp of hired cow hands working for the Rumney Ranch. Most of the rooms have bunk beds, a bathroom is shared, and linens/pillows are provided. We all eat together at the cookhouse at 7am and 7pm. The warmest part of the day in Montana will find you picnicking on the Plains beside your horse. The bunkhouse has a basic kitchen where snacks, beverages, and creature comforts are on us.


If this type of "get away" sounds like your cup of tea, we would be delighted to have you.




Dates and Details

Contact us anytime.

We are not booking Cattle Drives this year. Please Check back soon!

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Suggested Equipment Items

• Cowboy boots or riding boots with (smooth) soles and good heels
• Cowboy hat or brimmed hat
• Sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglasses
• Rain gear or cowboy duster/slicker
• Leather riding gloves / neck gear
• Chaps or Cowboy chinks, if you have them.
• Hiking boots, and/or tennis shoes for after riding
• Shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Layer gear is best!
• Jeans or riding pants. Single seam on inside of pants reduces chaffing
• Light weight long johns
• Camera, extra memory card,batteries, and phone/phone card.
• Evening cocktail beverages, beer, wine, soda, or special mixes
• Flashlight/headlamp and batteries, alarm clock, and hair dryer

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